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Send Us Your Photos

We love to get photos of your finished carvings and place them in our catalog for all to admire and be inspired by. But to ensure that your photos reproduce at the best possible quality, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines when shooting and emailing your photos:

1. Do not photograph your carvings indoors or under fluorescent lights, take them outside on a nice overcast day for best lighting and color accuracy.

2. Shoot them in front of an uncluttered background, like the side on your building. Make sure the wall is not the same color as the carving i.e red bird, red wall.

3. When emailing photos, send pictures at largest size from your digital camera. Be sure to include species of the animal carved, your name, city and state, and the Sugar Pine product you used.

Email to:

Mail to: Advertising, Sugar Pine Woodcarving
315 Sherman, Lebanon, OR 97355